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Short Bio with a large title.

  • All about myself.
    • My name is J'Brian. I'm a 22-year-old college student with many varying interests and always looking for more things I can be interested in. I am both spontaneous and purposive, random and planned. I am meticulous in some things, not in others. I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, dancing, rock climbing, making music, robotics, driving, programming, playing games, and long walks on the beach (yes, I have actually done this cliché!). I'm a very quick learner!
  • The interwebs
    • I'm usually known as "jayther" in most websites, like Twitter and YouTube. Sometimes as "j13jayther" because some other user registered the name on the website. Hmph. This applies to online gaming as well.
  • Follow me!

I'm not just a website designer or developer.

  • I'm musically involved!
    • I make songs! Usually techno, house, or hip-hop. You can find some of them in my Newgrounds Audio page! I also use them in my YouTube Videos (Main Account and personal-ish account). I either use "Jayther", "J13 Mixes", or "DJ Keziv" as the artist name for my songs.
    • I was a DJ for Backlot Events! (I also made their website!) My nickname for the DJ scene is "DJ Keziv".
    • Newgrounds Newgrounds: http://jayther.newgrounds.com/
    • I play the piano and the drums!
    • I dance! I pop, krump, lock, c-walk, liquid, shuffle, and a bit of break-dancing.
  • I have my own projects!
    • I'm making my own data management to better suit my own needs and the needs of my clients (and an early version is currently being used for one of the websites I made).
    • I sometimes spend time to work on my Flash game.
    • Learn more about the stuff I do in the Updates page!
  • I have a blog...?
    • I do have my own "personal" blog but I rarely actually type about my life. Most of the time it's just funny pictures or funny moments that I had. If you want to see a humor blog, here is my blog.
    • But I DO have a personal Twitter in which I tweet about practically anything: My Twitter account.

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