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IncrediBots (Official IncrediBots website)

Robot physics sandbox simulation Flash game backed with a carefully integrated forums and a large userbase.
  • Flash game utilizes the Box2D physics engine to power the addicting physics sandbox!
  • IncrediBots 3 is currently being developed, completely from the ground up!
  • Entire game is developed with all open-source software! Uses open-source Flex 3!
  • All game development is currently handled by myself!
  • Forums are carefully integrated with the game to build and maintain the community!
  • 8000+ registered users with a very active community!
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Backlot Events V2

Features three virtually separate websites (representing different branches) seamlessly consolidated into a single webpage with a very fancy in-site navigation.
  • Consolidation of the three websites is seamless; not at all complicated or confusing to go around!
  • Neat navigation integration and effects; going back a page changes the pages within the website!
  • Events information are fetched (via AJAX) from a public Google Calendar!
  • Made for a client that knows HTML and knows how to upload via FTP.
  • Uploading pictures to the gallery folder show up in the website's gallery!
  • Aside from jQuery, the LightBox jQuery plugin, Mixpod Flash music player, MailChimp-generated email subscription forms, and PayPal-generated forms, all codes are made from scratch!
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Penguin Class

Features a neat layout with easy-to-edit content.
  • User-friendly adding and editing capabilities
  • Easy-to-organize gallery, complete with albums, a multiple-file uploader, and a drag-and-drop reorganization ability for the albums and pictures
  • Easy to upload PDF's or MS Word documents, and shows up in the neat layout right away!
  • The website uses a very early version of a data management system that I created! (Rudementary Ample Writing Range, or R.A.W.R.)
  • Aside from the penguin pictures, all graphics and codes are made completely from scratch!
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Bay Area StarCraft

Features a very nice appealing layout with a very easy way to edit content via a personalized Administrator Panel. (I can probably show a sample of this same website, minus the community forums...I will post it up in the future)
  • User-friendly adding/editing capabilities
  • Easy-to-organize gallery, complete with albums, a multiple-file uploader, and a drag-and-drop reorganization ability for the albums and pictures
  • Sponsors sidebar and the Sponsors page are integrated, so any changes in the Sponsors page will reflect on the sidebar
  • Adding and editing an event's information for the Events page has never been easier!
  • Events and Tickets pages are also intigrated, so the form to buy tickets only show in the Tickets page when it's time to sell them!
  • Aside from the logo header, community forums, jQuery, and the LightBox jQuery plugin, all codes and graphics were made completely from scratch!
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Backlot Events V1

Featured a nice module-expanding layout with dynamic content, with a personalized Flash music player just for Backlot Events.
  • Displayed a Twitter feed and a list of events and a calendar from a public Google Calendar.
  • Features a music player created just for Backlot Events.
  • Gallery system was the same as the Backlot Events V2 website.
  • Aimed for a client who knows HTML and able to upload files via FTP
  • All codes were made completely from scratch!
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Rawring Penguin Productions V4

(The previous version of THIS website you're looking at) Featured a moving background and a neat in-site navigation integration and effects.
  • With the help of the Spritely jQuery plugin, it had a very neat moving background that worked on mobile phones!
  • Updates fetched from the website's Tumblr blog
  • Featured a random image viewer that I made when I was 15!
  • Demonstrated complete cross-compatibility in all browsers, including Internet Explorer 6 and iPhones!
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Rawring Penguin Productions V3

(My old website) Featured a Windows-like interface for a layout.
  • The Windows-like layout is complete with being able to drag, minimize, and maximize the windows! Also saves the positions of the windows, so it's where you left the windows when you left!
  • This was made not only before HTML5 was made, but also before jQuery!
  • This entire website was made when I was only 16!

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