Rawring Designs

Website Design and Development

I make websites that works for you!

  • No idea how websites or HTML work? No problem!
    • I'll make it easy for you to edit your own website by creating online editors/uploaders just for you! Simple text stuff, gallery (with or without albums), you name it, and I'll make an editor that will be easy for you to edit! You won't even need to know HTML!
    • Need help with choosing webhosts or domain providers (or don't know about them)? I'll do my research and provide options for you (based on your needs and budget) and help you choose!
  • Just need a layout or design to start from? I'll be glad to help you out!
    • If you already know your HTML, I'll create a layout or design for you so you can begin right away!
    • Fancy effects? Easy to add pages? You got it! I can make dynamic websites for the best results!

What qualifies me to make your awesome website?

  • I'm an experienced web designer and developer
    • I have made professional-level websites for businesses.
    • I make my own code (completely from scratch) and graphics.
    • I make sure the websites are cross-browser compatible, including mobile browsers (wider audience!).
    • Take a look at my portfolio!
  • Technical knowledge (stuff I know):
    • Code languages: HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, ActionScript 2 and 3 (Flash), C, C#, C++, Java, BASIC, LUA, Python
    • Structures/methods: object oriented programming, reverse compatibility, legacy, AJAX, jQuery
    • Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
    • Server environments: Linux/Unix, Microsoft Server
    • Programs/Applications: All Microsoft Office programs (including Access and Excel), Adobe Photoshop (6+ to CS3+), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash (CS3+), any FTP or PuTTy clients
    • Highly adept at learning new programming or markup languages and how to use new programs.

You want to hire me yet?

  • Contact me!
    • Email: jayther@rawringdesigns.net
    • Phone: if you want to talk, send me an email first!
    • Pigeon: Sorry, I don't have access to carrier pigeon mail.
    • If you're contacting me for animating jobs, don't. I have never done animations for anyone. I'm not available for animations. Plus, I am not that good. You can find better animators.
  • Need more info?
    • Want a quote? Contact me by email!
    • Want to see the stuff I've done? Check out my portfolio!
    • Pigeon: Stop asking me about that!

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